Sure . There is a complete paragraph " creating decentralized puppet
architecture" in "puppet 2.7 cookbook". I am also sure to have read
the same topic on web on the site  , not
casually : the book's author have his blog there. Sorry i have not the
complete url now - old smartphone, no wifi etc. But i hope this can
help you the  same.

Best regards

2012/7/21, Martin Langhoff <>:
> On Sat, Jul 21, 2012 at 3:11 AM, Elia Pinto <>
> wrote:
>> Well, many folks use puppet in serverless configuration pushing the
>> manifest from a central git server via cron and applying locally the
>> configuration fetched. In this sense git IS used for deployement. And,
>> for a configuration management system as puppet this could be a
>> sensible thing to do - reduce load, scalability ecc.
> That's a great thing to know, and timely too. I am looking at Puppet,
> and worried a bit about reported memory load on the server side (and
> some rumours of memory footprint issues on the client side too).
> Can you point me to more information & discussion?
> thanks!
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