On 07/21/2012 05:50 PM, Jiang Xin wrote:
> The obsolete LONG_USAGE variable has the following message in it:
>     A'\''--B'\''--C'\''
> And such complex LONG_USAGE message will breaks xgettext when extract
s/extract/extracting/ I think.

> l10n messages. But if remove single quotes from the message,
s/remove/we remove/; or, if the passive voice is not a problem, you might
reformulate the sentence as follows:

   But if single quotes are removed from the message, ...

> xgettext works fine on 'git-rebase.sh'.
> Since there is a mordern

> OPTIONS_SPEC variable in use in this script,
> it's safe to remove the obsolte

> USAGE and LONG_USAGE variables.

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