I want to have an LCD display shield and an ethernet shield on an Arduino Mega 
2560. Bending out pins 11 and 12 on the LCD shield is easy enough but it would 
be great if the pins the software uses could be set at run time as arguments in 
the procedure call. I suppose that somewhere the source is available for the 
shields, I am a retired, self taught, assembly and C programmer and am new to 
GIT and the Arduino. I may end up with an EZ80 instead if the support isn't 
there fpr the Arduino. I personally don't understand how shields are assigned 
conflicting pins. Doesn't make any sense to me. Anybody who has the link for 
the source code for these two programs, I would appreciate your sending it to 
me. I will rewrite it in the fashion I am suggesting so anybody that has pliers 
and a soldering iron can use multiple shields. As time goes on, I will become a 
paying member and make the software I am writing for
the reverse osmosis, HVAC, and home alarm system available. I may decipher the 
Comfort Net protocol as well as the Sony control A1 protocol later on. I don't 
know if there is a remote control shield or software but I may find myself 
doing that too. I have Visual Studio and will be writing the home automation 
software in C++ (maybe 6.0).

Peter L Fridrich
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