On 20 Jul 2012, at 17:44, Jeff King wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 11:49:07AM +0200, Michael Haggerty wrote:
>>> This patch moves reflog entries into a special "graveyard"
>>> namespace, and appends a tilde (~) character, which is
>>> not allowed in a valid ref name. This means that the deleted
>>> reflogs of these refs:
>>>   refs/heads/a
>>>   refs/heads/a/b
>>>   refs/heads/a/b/c
>>> will be stored in:
>>>   logs/graveyard/refs/heads/a~
>>>   logs/graveyard/refs/heads/a/b~
>>>   logs/graveyard/refs/heads/a/b/c~
>>> Putting them in the graveyard namespace ensures they will
>>> not conflict with live refs, and the tilde prevents D/F
>>> conflicts within the graveyard namespace.

Sorry if this idea is stupid or if i miss something, but how about putting 
deleted reflogs for




with the time they were deleted?


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