Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Robin Rosenberg <robin.rosenb...@dewire.com> writes:
>> A note on how JGit would work here. Java has none of the fields
>> that constitute statcrc. I guess we would write zero here when
>> creating new entries. Git could recognize that when checking status
>> and simply assume "clean" unless mtime or st_size says otherwise.
> Even though it may not be the end of the world, that is certainly
> bad. Recording the constituent fields separately without the statcrc
> microoptimization, thereby not shaving a handful of bytes per the
> index entry, is not the end of the world either in the same sense,
> which leads us to question the benefit we would be getting from such
> a change.

Hum, I'm a bit lost now.

What is the status quo?  I take it JGit does not have any of ctime, dev,
ino etc., and either leaves the existing value or puts a 0.  Which is
not different from either leaving the stat crc in place, or putting a 0.
Except that IIUC, putting a 0 in both cases means forcing a refresh once
C git comes along (or some other reader that knows about the fields).

So if we want to keep the safety net, a magic "I don't know" value would
indeed be a good idea.  But I don't see how what Robin said constitutes
an argument in favor of splitting stat_crc into its fields again?

Thomas Rast
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