On 23.07.2012 18:46, Junio C Hamano wrote:

>> +# Tools that support both merging and diffing.
>>   __git_mergetools_common="araxis bc3 diffuse ecmerge emerge gvimdiff
>>                      kdiff3 meld opendiff p4merge tkdiff vimdiff xxdiff
>>   "
> As the set of merge capable tools is not a superset of diff capable
> tools (tortoise can only merge but not diff), perhaps rename this to
> __git_diffmerge_tools or something?

Makes perfect sense.

> This patch makes sense to me, but at the same time makes [PATCH 1/5]
> a "Meh", methinks.

Yeah, I can see why. So I've renamed __git_mergetools_common to 
__git_diffmerge_tools and squashed with [PATCH 1/5] to make it less "Meh" as it 
does not stand on its own.

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