Sebastian Schuberth <> writes:

> Personally, I've valued the gain of
> the patch to not list araxis as an available diff tool by "git
> difftool --tool-help" when in fact just ImageMagick is in PATH higher
> than the loss to support araxis installations that are in a path not
> containung "araxis" but are in PATH.

I agree that running ImageMagick's compare by accident is one thing
we would want to avoid, but once the problem is diagnosed, it is
something the user can easily work around by futzing %PATH%, I

On the other hand, if the user has bought and installed Araxis, but
we incorrectly identify it as unusable, the user has wasted good
money and there is no easy recourse as far as I can see in your
patch.  That is why I wanted to see a reasonable assurance.

If we limit the problem space by special casing Windows installation
(e.g. check "uname -s" or something), would it make the problem
easier to solve?  Perhaps it is much more likely that the path the
program is installed in can be safely identified with a call to
"type --path compare" (bash is the only shell shipped in msysgit,
isn't it?), and its output is likely to contain "/Program Files/Araxis/"
as a substring, or something?
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