Hi Junio.

On 07/19/2012 09:50 AM, Stefano Lattarini wrote:
> Those filed
Oops, this should read "files", not "filed" ...

> hold variables, settings and information set by the
> configuration process run by './configure'; in Autotools-based
> build system that kind of stuff should only be removed by
> "make distclean".  Having it removed by "make clean" is not only
> inconsistent, but causes real confusion for that part of the Git
> audience that is used to the Autotools semantics; for example,
> an autotools old-timer that has run:
>     ./configure --prefix /opt/git
> in the past, without running "make distclean" afterwards, would
> expect a "make install" issued after a "make clean" to rebuild and
> install git in '/opt/git'; but with the current behaviour, the
> "make clean" invocation removes (among the other things) the file
> 'config.mak.autogen', so that the "make install"
... and here we should add "invocation":

    ... the "make install" invocation ...

> falls back to the default prefix of '$HOME', thus installing git
> in the user's home directory -- definitely unexpected.

Can you fix those nits locally before merging to 'next', or should
I send a re-roll?

Thanks, and sorry for the confusion,
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