Jens Lehmann <> writes:

> Not inside the submodule, me thinks they only make sense in the
> superproject (that's why we clean the environment before working
> inside the submodule).

Yes, that is fundamental and the only sane behaviour that comes from
what submodules are.  They are free-standing projects.  Not clearing
these environments when Git recurses into submodule was simply a bug
(the original bug was that we added recursion without thinking these
things through).


> But setting the superproject's GIT_WORK_TREE
> to something else won't work for an already initialized submodule,

... if you point the _root_ of the toplevel superproject with
GIT_WORK_TREE (and the repository of the superproject with GIT_DIR),
and chdir into one of its submodule's working tree, we shouldn't say
$GIT_WORK_TREE/$smpath is the submodule world.  That will make it
impossible to work only on submodules by setting GIT_WORK_TREE to
point at its root level (and the submodule repository with GIT_DIR).

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