This is a refactoring to move Git::SVN out of git-svn and into its own .pm file.
This will make it easier to work with and test.  This is just the extraction
with minimal work to keep all tests passing.

A couple of utility functions which were used by Git::SVN, git-svn and others
were also extracted from git-svn into a new Git::SVN::Utils.  Not the most
imaginitive name, but it's better than Git::SVN grabbing at git-svn internals
and it allows Git::SVN (and later other classes) to stand alone without git-svn.

Its was reworked to be done backwards (instead of extracting and then fixing the
resulting problems, the problems were fixed in place and then it's extracted) in
order to keep every commit passing tests and provide a useful history.  This was
something of a pain.

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