Jonathan Nieder wrote:
>> This version of the patch only moves code to determine the test
>> prerequisite to the outer level, while leaving the 'setup' aspects
>> of the first test in place.
> I guess I don't see the point.

You don't see the point of fixing the TAP Parse error? :-D

>                                The current convention of "don't do
> anything complicated outside test assertions" is easy to explain.
> What new convention are you suggesting to replace it?

Hmm, well I guess I'm not going to suggest anything!

However, what is "anything complicated"?

At the end of we find:

    # test whether the filesystem supports symbolic links
    ln -s x y 2>/dev/null && test -h y 2>/dev/null && test_set_prereq SYMLINKS
    rm -f y

    # When the tests are run as root, permission tests will report that
    # things are writable when they shouldn't be.
    test -w / || test_set_prereq SANITY

Is this too complicated? If not, why not? If yes, should it be added to
a test assertion?

Would it be acceptable for me to add some code, here at the end of, to set the TABS_IN_FILENAME test prerequisite and use it
in tests,,, and

How about some of the test "library" files:             *    *            

Several of these files contain executable code (rather than just a
library of functions). For example, look at,,
and Is this code too complicated?

Would it be acceptable for me to create an
file so that I could source it only in the test files that require
the TABS_IN_FILENAME prerequisite?

Ramsay Jones

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