Ramsay Jones wrote:
> Junio C Hamano wrote:

>> Observing that all well-written test scripts we have begin with this
>> boilerplate line:
>>      test_expect_success setup '
>> I wouldn't mind introducing a new helper function test_setup that
>> behaves like test_expect_success but is meant to be used in the
>> first "set-up" phase of the tests in a test script.

Neat.  This could be used for later set-up tests, too, perhaps with a
long-term goal of making non set-up tests independent of each other
(reorderable and skippable).

> [1] For example, what should/will happen if someone uses test_must_fail,
> test_might_fail, etc., within the test_fixture script? Should they simply
> be banned within a text_fixture?

Why wouldn't they act just like they do in test_expect_success blocks?

FWIW I find Junio's test_setup name more self-explanatory.  What
mnemonic should I be using to remember the _fixture name?

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