On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 03:05:42PM -0700, Junio C Hamano wrote:

> > I've just been hunting the same bug and came up with the same answer.
> > Here's a commit message. Feel free to apply or steal text for your
> > commit.
> Heh, let's try not to waste duplicated efforts by being silent next
> time, OK?  Winning such a race by 5 minutes does not buy us much.

I usually do, but this bug was surprisingly easy to find once I
bisected. I don't think it took more than 5 minutes total. :)

> I wish we had some type safe way to say "This uint and the other
> uint are to hold different kinds of flag bits; do not mix them by
> bitwise operators".

I believe that bitwise operations are defined for enums, but I might be
misremembering my C89.

> > However, it confused the "flags" parameter to the
> > each_ref_fn clalback, which is about the flags we found
> > while looking up the ref (e.g., REF_ISSYMREF) with the
> > object flag (UNINTERESTING), leading to unpredictable
> What was happening was that the remotes/origin/HEAD symref happened
> to point at the same commit as "master", and ^master that was in the
> pending array was not transferred to the commit list used by the
> revision traversal.

Yeah, I that was my guess, too, but I didn't investigate exactly which
bits were twiddled. By mentioning UNINTERESTING, I meant "this is the
flag we actually _care_ about, but we are setting other random ones
depending on the ref flags".

> What's interesting still is that
>       git checkout master~
>         git checkout master
> does not exhibit this problem in the same repository.

Perhaps we still look at and mark the parents of a SEEN commit during
our traversal (but not any further). I suspect it is that
mark_parents_uninteresting does so, but does not bother to parse the
parent. I didn't check carefully. It may be that we have an
over-conservative off-by-one at the boundaries of our traversal in some
cases, but I doubt it is worth the effort to optimize.

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