I'm quite new to git and have the following situation:

I have a master- and a productive-branch. The productive-branch lives on a
server (productive environment) and the master is for the devs to play
around ;-) Hot fixes and patches are primarily done in the productive
branch. New features are done in the master branch.

Now the question is, let's say, I did a stability fix in the
productive-branch and want that one also in the master branch (which
contains several new features). Will I have conflicts then with files
modified in the master- but not in productive-branch? Or will only the
modified files from the productive branch be compared with the master branch
(and not the modified ones in master)?

And do you think my branching in all makes sense (master for features,
branch for production environment)?

Big thanks in advance for any help!!

Bye Defcon0

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