(cc-ing Ram since he's also knowledgeable about remote-helper protocol)
Florian Achleitner wrote:
> On Thursday 26 July 2012 06:40:39 Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>>                                                     Though I still
>> think the way forward is to keep using plain pipes internally for now
>> and to make the bidirectional communication optional, since it
>> wouldn't close any doors to whatever is most convenient on each
>> platform.  Hopefully I'll hear more from Florian about this in time.
> Would you like to see a new pipe patch?

Since the svn remote helper relies on this, it seems worth working on,
yeah.  As for how to spend your time (and whether to beg someone else
to work on it instead :)): I'm not sure what's on your plate or where
you are with respect to the original plan for the summer at the
moment, so it would be hard for me to give useful advice about how to
balance things.

What did you think of the suggestion of adding a new bidi-import
capability and command to the remote helper protocol?  I think this
would be clean and avoid causing a regression on Windows, but it's
easily possible I am missing something fundamental.

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