Jeff King <> writes:

> That looks like a maintenance annoyance. Can't we just have the
> prerequisite-checker lazily perform the test on demand and cache the
> result?  It should be OK as long as:
>   1. The prereq is careful about its pre- and post- conditions. We
>      already make sure to clean up after those tests so as not to taint
>      later tests. We would probably want to also make them more careful
>      about preconditions like which directory they are in (so, for
>      example, refer to "$TRASH_DIRECTORY/junk" and not "junk").
>   2. The prereq test does not accidentally munge any existing test
>      state from previous tests. That should not be a big deal as long as
>      we avoid names like "junk" in favor of more unique names like
>      "check-case-sensitivity-prereq".

Yeah, it is very desirable if we could lazy-eval, and we _should_ be
able to arrange the above.
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