On Fri, Jul 27, 2012 at 7:10 PM, Erik Faye-Lund <kusmab...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Since the Windows port of Git expects binary pipes, we need to make
> sure the helper-end also sets up binary pipes.
> Side-step CRLF-issue in test to make it pass.
> Signed-off-by: Erik Faye-Lund <kusmab...@gmail.com>
> ---
> Sorry for the delay, but here's the third iteration of my credential
> helper for Windows' credential API.
> The only change since v2 is that it now supports protocols without
> a host component, as suggested by Jeff King.

...aaand just as I sent it out, I realized that my Makefile was a bit
on the light side. Imagine this patch on top for now, please :)

diff --git a/contrib/credential/wincred/Makefile
index b4f098f..bad45ca 100644
--- a/contrib/credential/wincred/Makefile
+++ b/contrib/credential/wincred/Makefile
@@ -4,5 +4,11 @@ CC = gcc
 RM = rm -f
 CFLAGS = -O2 -Wall

+-include ../../../config.mak.autogen
+-include ../../../config.mak
 git-credential-wincred.exe : git-credential-wincred.c
        $(LINK.c) $^ $(LOADLIBES) $(LDLIBS) -o $@
+       $(RM) git-credential-wincred.exe
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