Eric Wong <> writes:

> Junio C Hamano <> wrote:
>> Eric Wong <> writes:
>> > "Michael G. Schwern" <> wrote:
>> >> This series of patches extracts the remaining classes from git-svn.  
>> >> They're
>> >> all simple extractions and functionally have no change.
>> >
>> > I've also pushed this to the "extract-remaining" series which
>> > also includes everything that's currently in my master.
>> Do you mean this should go in 1.7.12-rc1, or your master is for
>> 1.7.12 and this is for post 1.7.12 but you are pushing it out to
>> help other developers who are working on git-svn as a preview?
> I'm comfortable with this series so far, so going into 1.7.12 is fine.

OK.  Thanks.
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