On Sat, Jul 28, 2012 at 6:42 PM, Nikolai Vladimirov
<niko...@vladimiroff.com> wrote:
> Returning -1 instead of 1 results in wrong exit status(255) since
> the output of get_value is passed to exit().
> 'git config missing_section' should now return proper exit status = 1,
> as specified by the git config documentation.

I'm curious. Why is -1 (or 255) wrong? It was introduced in the first
version of get_value in 4ddba79 (git-config-set: add more options -
2005-11-20). Back then it returned -1 when there's regex compile error
to distinguish with 0 and 1 (but git-config-set.txt in the same commit
did not get update about exit code). Maybe we should update document
instead of the code.
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