Hi Junio,

I actually tested v1.7.12-rc0-22-gcdd159b, thus:

    $ time $(GIT_SKIP_TESTS='t0061.3 t0070.3 t9010 t9300' make test >
    test-outp1 2>&1)

    real    137m11.901s
    user    118m55.071s
    sys     59m50.695s

the result, ignoring the explicity skipped tests (nothing new there), was
three additional failures:

    t1100.5, t7502.21 and t7810.59

I will be sending a patch to fix t1100.5 (patch #1).

The failure in t7502-commit.sh seems to be the result of commit 8c5b1ae1
("ident: reject bogus email addresses with IDENT_STRICT", 24-05-2012)
being more strict with non fully qualified hostnames. I get the "tell me
who you are" message and the error:

    fatal: unable to auto-detect email address (got 'ramsay@toshiba.(none)')

However, I *think* I saw that Jeff has submitted a fix for this already.

Unfortunately, I was unable to reproduce the final failure in t7810-grep.sh.
I tried, among other things, to provoke a failure thus:

    $ for i in $(seq 100); do
    > if ! ./t7810-grep.sh -i -v; then
    >     break;
    > fi
    > done

but, apart from chewing on the cpu for about 50 minutes, it didn't result
in a failure. :(

However, after looking at test 59, it seems to me to be a stale (redundant)
test. So, patch #2 removes that test! :-D [I wish I could reproduce the
failure because I don't like not knowing why it failed, but ...]

Ramsay Jones
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