send-email (tested versions and breaks email addresses.

Steps to reproduce:

Modify file.

git commit --author="Michał Tz <name_1...@some.com>" modified.file -m "Test"

git format-patch -o patches origin

Now, the patch seems to have the address right, see [1]

git send-email --to myown.addr...@mail.com --suppress-cc=author patches/0001-Test.patch

But checking my inbox now shows an email starting with:
From: Michał Tz <name 1...@some.com>

So the address is splitted at the underscore.

Furthermore, if I don't use --suppress-cc=author, the CC field shows the right address.



less patches/0001-Test.patch
From: =?UTF-8?q?Micha=C5=82=20Tz?= <name_1...@some.com>

git show
Author: Michał Tz <name_1...@some.com>
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