Jens Lehmann <> writes:

> I tried today. Before this change no arguments got passed down and
> afterwards they are (but just the arguments, no submodule paths
> were passed on in either case; which is what Kevin fixed in the
> commit Heiko referenced). Three arguments are allowed for "git
> submodule status":
> --recursive:
> It doesn't matter if we pass that on or not because $recursive is
> reused when "eval cmd_status" is executed.
> --quiet:
> Same as recursive, GIT_QUIET is set the first time and then reused
> in the recursion.
> --cached:
> This was dropped when recursing into submodules but isn't anymore
> with Heiko's change, so we do have a change in behavior here.
> ...
> Hmm, when --cached is used together with --recursive, I would expect
> it to show the commit stored in the index for the deeper submodules
> too (and not magically switch to show their HEAD again after the
> first level of submodules). To me this looks like a bug which Kevin
> accidentally introduced and nobody noticed and/or reported until now.
> So I'd vote for making this a bugfix patch for "git submodule status
> --cached --recursive" (and would love to see a test for it ;-).

Yeah, I am not opposed to a "fix".  I just wanted it to be labelled
as such, and analysed correctly.

And with test ;-)

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