Florian Achleitner wrote:
> On Saturday 28 July 2012 02:00:31 Jonathan Nieder wrote:

>> a. use --cat-blob-fd, no FIFO
>>    * Make it conditional --- only do it (1) we are not on Windows and
>>      (2) the remote helper requests backflow by advertising the
>>      import-bidi capability.
>>    * Let the remote helper know what's going on by using
>>      "import-bidi" instead of "import" in the command stream to
>>      initiate the import.
> Generally I like your prefered solution.
> I think there's one problem:
> The pipe needs to be created before the fork, so that the fd can be 
> inherited. 

The relevant pipe already exists at that point: the remote helper's

In other words, it could work like this (just like the existing demo
code, except adding a conditional based on the "capabilities"

        0. transport-helper.c invokes the remote helper.  This requires
           a pipe used to send commands to the remote helper
           (helper->in) and a pipe used to receive responses from the
           remote helper (helper->out)

        1. transport-helper.c sends the "capabilities" command to decide
           what to do.  The remote helper replies that it would like
           some feedback from fast-import.

        2. transport-helper.c forks and execs git fast-import with input
           redirected from helper->out and the cat-blob fd redirected
           to helper->in

        3. transport-helper.c tells the remote helper to start the

        4. wait for fast-import to exit
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