On 2012.7.30 12:51 PM, Eric Wong wrote:
>> The SVN API functions will not accept ../foo but their canonicalization
>> functions will not collapse it.  So we'll have to do it ourselves.
>> _collapse_dotdot() works better than the existing regex did.
> I don't dispute it's better, but it's worth explaining in the commit
> message to reviewers why something is "better".

Yeah.  I figured the tests covered that.

>> +# Turn foo/../bar into bar
>> +sub _collapse_dotdot {
>> +    my $path = shift;
>> +
>> +    1 while $path =~ s{/[^/]+/+\.\.}{};
>> +    1 while $path =~ s{[^/]+/+\.\./}{};
>> +    1 while $path =~ s{[^/]+/+\.\.}{};
> This is a bug that's gone unnoticed[1] for over 5 years now,
> but I've just noticed this doesn' handle "foo/..bar"  or "foo/...bar"
> cases correctly.

Good catch.  Woo unit tests!  :)  You could add them as TODO tests.

A more accurate way to do it would be to split the path, collapse using the
resulting list, and rejoin it.

> [1] - I doubt anybody uses paths like these, though...

Not for an svnroot or branch name, no.

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