Matthieu Moy venit, vidit, dixit 31.07.2012 08:38:
> Jialin Liu <> writes:
>> In
>> Notice how you don’t have to run git add on the benchmarks.rb file in this 
>> case before you commit.
> In which case? (the page is rather long)
> I didn't see a case where "git add" was not needed (or "git commit" used
> with "-a", which gives the same effect).

Matthieu: "Notice how..." is the line Jialin suggest to be changed.

Jialin: "how" is correct; "how" starts a subsentence (subclause) which
is used as the object for the verb "notice". ("Notice [that] now..."
would be correct, too.)

BTW: This is not in what many would call "git documentation" (i.e.
git.git/Documentation/). It's in the Git book. But git-scm calls the the
former "reference" and puts both under "Documentation".

This is not about the question "who's the Git community". It's simply
(im)practical: You contribute to the Git book via pull requests on
GitHub and to "git documentation within the git project" by patches on
this list.

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