Dear list,

Project                                 : Use JavaScript library / framework in 
Project Description                     :
Code                                    :

        The project was proposed by Jakub Narębski for GOSC 2012 but was not 
up because git didn't get enough slots from Google. I almost completed the work
and now I am stuck at a stage where I cant move forward without some help from
the community. Jakub and Andrew Sayers used to help me but they are busy with
their own work and are not available.

        The JavaScript in gitweb was re-implementing a lot of features which a 
of common libraries did a several times already. For example, sending an Ajax
request or DOM manipulation required different code in different browsers. The
project aims to clean up the JavaScript using such a library. As of now, I have
ported all of the existing features to a cleaner version using JQuery, and I am
ready to work on more features if required.

        I have also added tests for JavaScript which didn't exist before using 
BDD testing framework, which can be run in both console with node.js producing
TAP formatted output and in browsers. I have not introduced any UI changes. The
old CSS was used without modifications. Code quality was taken into good
account. All code is JSLint valid now.

Here is the detailed project status, todo, known bugs and commit notes :

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Jaseem Abid
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