Alright, I have revised the patch and fixed up the nits that were
picked and made a quick modification. I've added a setting for
grep.patternType for "default" which can restore the default grep
pattern matching behaviour and restores the functionality back to
grep.extendedRegexp. I added this functionality for situations like
where you would have grep.patternType set to, say, "perl" in your
$HOME/.gitconfig but don't want that functionality set in a specific
repo and would rather to have it fall back to the older
grep.extendedRegexp behaviour so you can set it to "default" in the
repo's .git/config.

This change also lets us determine the final set of pattern type
options in one place rather than the current code which does two
checks -- once when we call grep_config to determine the configuration
options and then another a few lines later when we call it for the
arguments given to grep. Now we capture the values we receive from
grep.patternType and grep.extendedRegexp in the grep_opt struct as
pattern_type_option and extended_regexp_option, capture the pattern
type argument given to the command itself, and then make the final
determination for the options to be used in one place rather than the
current manner. I think it should be more obvious this way.

I'll post the latest patch shortly for review if this sounds reasonable. Cheers.
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