On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 11:59 PM, Eugene Sajine <eugu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Could somebody please advise about how to address the following:
> I have a bare repo (bareA) on one server in network1 and i have a
> mirror of it on another server (bareB) in network2
> BareB is updated periodically - no problem here
> If bareA dies users are supposed to move seamlessly to bareB.
> When bareA goes back up users are moved back but before it starts
> serving repos (before git-daemon starts) it updates from bareB.
> Now the problem i have is if bareA doesn't actually die, but the
> connection between two networks drops.
> In this case users from network2 will stop seeing bareA, they will
> start working with bareB, while users in netwrok1 will continue
> to work with bareA.
> What would be the best way of syncing the bareB back to bareA when
> connection is restored?
> I think the best variant would be to do something like:
> $ git pull --rebase /refs/heads/*:/refs/heads/*
> $ git push origin /refs/heads/*:/refs/heads/*
> but pull will not work on bare repos as i understand and there might
> be conflicts that will lead to unknown (for me) state of bare repos
> May be I'm looking into wrong direction? May be simple two way rsync
> will do the job? But I'm a bit reluctant to rely on rsync because I'm
> afraid it may screw up the repository information.

The way I solve this is to insist that I *manually* specify which is
the push destination and not make it automated.  The other one is a
read-only mirror until something is manually switched.

Might not be ideal for every situation; your call...
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