Ilya Basin <> writes:

> AS> Ilya Basin <> writes:
>>> I made the initial import:
>>>     git cvsimport -d :pserver:user@blackbird:10010/data/cvs/webgui -C SAP 
>>> -r cvs -k SAP
>>> edited .git/config:
>>>     [cvsimport]
>>>             module = SAP
>>>             r = cvs
>>>             d = :pserver:user@blackbird:10010/data/cvs/webgui
>>> did some commits to CVS and created a new tag
>>> Then ran:
>>>     git cvsimport -ak
>>> To synchronize with CVS.
>>> The new commits were imported, but the new tag wasn't.
> AS> cvsimport never reconsiders changesets that were already imported, so if
> AS> the tag was added to such a changeset it won't be seen.
> AS> Andreas.
> Do you mean, if I tag BEFORE cvsimport, it will be imported?

If you tag one of the new commits it will be imported.

> How to make the git repo "forget" the last cvsimport?

Reset the branch back to before the import.


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