Jeff King <> writes:

> It is frequently useful to have a fast, generic data
> structure mapping keys to values. We already have something
> like this in the "decorate" API, but it has two downsides:
>   1. The key type must always be a "struct object *".
>   2. The value type is a void pointer, which means it is
>      inefficient and cumbersome for storing small values.
>      One must either encode their value inside the void
>      pointer, or allocate additional storage for the pointer
>      to point to.
> This patch introduces a generic map data structure, mapping
> keys of arbitrary type to values of arbitrary type.

Does the type of keys in a map have to be of the same size, or can a
key of a type with variable size (e.g. struct with a flex member at
the end)?  Same question for the type of values.

Is the type of keys in a map required to have a total order over it,
or is it suffice only to have equality defined?

The latter might matter once we start talking about a huge map that
we may not want to hold in-core.
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