Michael Haggerty <mhag...@alum.mit.edu> writes:

> I have some other crazy ideas for making the concept even more powerful:

Sorry, but the "a bit more sanity" topic is not interested in making
the concept powerful at all.

This is about making it usable with ease without the user having to
worry about "oh, I was about to shoot myself in the foot by running
repack; it is good that I remembered objects in this repository are
borrowed by other repositories" and things like that.

For the purpose of "a bit more sanity" topic, adding new things
users have to worry about to the mix, e.g.  "what happens if my
network goes away?  I can afford not to have access to these kinds
of objects for a while, but I must always have access to those
objects, so I can borrow the former but not the latter", is going in
the other way.

The ideas in your messages are *not* useless.  Enhancements along
those lines may be useful, but they do not fit in the same
discussion of making the current mechanism simmpler and easier for
users to use the mechanism in a safe and sane way.
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