Nguyễn Thái Ngọc Duy  <> writes:

> These mails are about cosmetics only. But I think it helps maintenance
> in long term. I notice in your series we have many functions with _v2
> and _v5 mixed together. Worse, some functions that are _v2 only are
> not suffixed with _v2. I still think separating v2/v5 changes is a
> good idea. So I played a bit, see how it might become.
> The next two emails demonstrate how we take v2-specific code out to
> read-cache-v2.c, then add v5 code in the next patch. Notice there's very
> little change in read-cache.c in the second patch. I wanted to see how
> v5 changes affects v2 users and the second patch shows it.

I like the splitting of the backend into two files; it is a good
direction to go, but I really prefer to see it done way before in
the series, so that many symbols in read-cache-v2.c do not have to
be contaminated with foo_v2 suffix, and similarly _v5 suffix for
symbols in read-cache-v5.c when they are added.
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