The outputs in handle_change_delete() contain a lot of placeholders.
This could end up in confusion to translators. Add a hint for translators
that they can easily understand it without study the code.

Helped-by: Junio C Hamano <>
Signed-off-by: Ralf Thielow <>
The first version did only explain the first and the
fourth placeholder. Junio pointed out that the others
could still confuse translators. This second version
explains now all placeholders. It differs to Junio's
suggestion in a modified header and an optional part
for the other messages.

 merge-recursive.c | 14 ++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 14 insertions(+)

diff --git a/merge-recursive.c b/merge-recursive.c
index 8903a73..ca58dcd 100644
--- a/merge-recursive.c
+++ b/merge-recursive.c
@@ -1035,6 +1035,20 @@ static void handle_change_delete(struct merge_options *o,
                update_file(o, 0, o_sha, o_mode, renamed ? renamed : path);
        } else if (!a_sha) {
                if (!renamed) {
+                       /*
+                        * TRANSLATORS: The next four messages have many
+                        * placeholders.
+                        *
+                        * CONFLICT (
+                        * %s=<translation of noun "rename" or 
+                        * %s=<name of the path being merged> deleted in
+                        * %s=<name of a branch> and
+                        * %s=<translation of verb pp "renamed" or "modified"> 
+                        * %s=<name of a branch>. Version
+                        * %s=<name of a branch> of
+                        * %s=<name of the path being merged> left in tree[.][at
+                        * %s=<name of the path beeing merged was renamed to>.]
+                        */
                        output(o, 1, _("CONFLICT (%s/delete): %s deleted in %s "
                               "and %s in %s. Version %s of %s left in tree."),
                               change, path, o->branch1, change_past,

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