On Mon, Aug 06, 2012 at 11:08:39AM +0800, mofaph wrote:

> I am using Git now. I compile and then install it from the repo.
> $ git checkout v1.7.11.4
> $ make prefix=$HOME/opt/git/ all doc info
> $ make prefix=$HOME/opt/git/ install{,-doc,-html,-info}
> Recently, I found some problem when I read the git.info.
> For example, you can see it in "3.7.1 Getting conflict-resolution help during 
> a
> merge":
> $ git log -merge
> $ gitk -merge
> See, it should be type like this:
> $ git log --merge
> $ gitk --merge
> You will see this typo almost in the whole info file.

Yeah, I can reproduce it here. The data goes through these
transformations to get to the final info form:

  user-manual.txt  (source)
   -> user-manual.xml (via asciidoc)
     -> user-manual.texi (via docbook2x-texi)
       -> git.info (via makeinfo)

The data looks OK in user-manual.texi, but "--" is converted to "-" in
git.info. So either:

  1. There is a bug in makeinfo, which should not be doing this
     conversion inside a "@display" section.

  2. There is a bug in docbook2x-texi, which should be quoting the
     contents of the <literallayout> when generating the @display

I don't know enough about texinfo to say which. But I'm sure that the
contents of user-manual.xml are correct, because I do actually speak
docbook, which means the problem happens after that step.

Cc-ing David Kastrup, who added the info version originally, and might
be more clueful about that part of the toolchain.

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