Thomas Gummerer <> writes:

> On 08/08, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Thomas Gummerer <> writes:
>> ... 
>> After thinking about this, the ptr_add() macro might be the best
>> solution, even though I originally called it as a band-aid.  We know
>> mmap is a blob of memory, byte-offset of each component of which we
>> know about, so we can say
>>     name = ptr_add(mmap, *dir_offset);
>>     beginning = ptr_add(mmap, *dir_offset);
>> Hmmm..
> I start to think so too. Casting the mmap variable to "const char *"
> in the method call doesn't feel right to me, even though it would work.
> Unless there are any objections I'll use ptr_add in the next version.

Thanks for sanity checking my thinking.
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