On 08/08, Junio C Hamano wrote:
> Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:
> > So whether done with "sleep" or "test-chmtime", avoiding a racily
> > clean situation sounds like sweeping a bug in the v5 code in racy
> > situation under the rug to me (unless I am misunderstanding what
> > you are doing with this change and in your explanation, or the test
> > was checking a wrong thing, that is).
> >
> > Even more confused....
> OK, after staring this test for a long time, and going back to
> 3d1f148 (refresh_index: do not show unmerged path that is outside
> pathspec, 2012-02-17), I give up.
> Let me ask the same question in a more direct way.  Which part of
> this test break with your series?
>         test_expect_success 'git add --refresh with pathspec' '
>                 git reset --hard &&
>                 echo >foo && echo >bar && echo >baz &&
>                 git add foo bar baz && H=$(git rev-parse :foo) && git rm -f 
> foo &&
>                 echo "100644 $H 3     foo" | git update-index --index-info &&
>       # "sleep 1 &&" in the update here ...
>                 test-chmtime -60 bar baz &&
>                 >expect &&
>                 git add --refresh bar >actual &&
>                 test_cmp expect actual &&
>                 git diff-files --name-only >actual &&
>                 ! grep bar actual&&
>                 grep baz actual
>         '
> We prepare an index with bunch of paths, we make "foo" unmerged, we
> smudge bar and baz stat-dirty, so that "diff-files" would report
> them, even though their contents match what is recorded in the
> index.

After getting confused a bit myself, I now think here is the problem.
The v5 code smudges baz when doing git add --refresh bar.  Therefore
baz isn't considered stat-dirty by the code, but a racily smudged entry
and therefore its content gets checked, thus not showing up in
git diff-files.  The mtime doesn't get checked anymore as it is used
as smudge marker and thus 0.  Adding sleep just avoids smudging the

The alternative would be to use the size or the crc as smudge marker
but I don't think they are good canidates, as they can still be used
by the reader to avoid checking the filesystem.

Another alternative would be to introduce a CE_SMUDGED flag as it was
suggested by Thomas on irc IIRC, but we chose to use the mtime as
smudge marker instead.

> Then we say "git add --refresh bar".  As far as I know, the output
> from "git add --refresh <pathspec>" is limited to "foo: needs merge"
> if and only if "foo" is covered by <pathspec> and "foo" is unmerged.
>       Side note: If "--verbose" is given to the same command, we
>       also give "Unstaged changes after refreshing the index:"
>       followed by "M foo" or "U foo" if "foo" does not match the
>       index but not unmerged, or if "foo" is unmerged, again if
>       and only if "foo" is covered by <pathspec>.  But that is not
>       how we invoke "git add --refresh" in this test.
> So if you are getting a test failure from the test_cmp, wouldn't it
> mean that your series broke what 3d1f148 did (namely, make sure we
> report only on paths that are covered by <pathspec>, in this case
> "bar"), as the contents of "bar" in the working tree matches what is
> recorded in the index?
> If the failure you are seeing is that "bar" appears in the output of
> "git diff-files --name-only", it means that "diff-files" noticed
> that "bar" is stat-dirty after "git add --refresh bar".  Wouldn't it
> mean that the series broke "git add --refresh bar" in such a way
> that it does not to refresh what it was told to refresh?
> Another test that could fail after the point you added "sleep 1" is
> that the output from "git diff-files --name-only" fails to list
> "baz" in its output, but with "test-chmtime -60 bar baz", we made
> sure that "bar" and "baz" are stat-dirty, and we only refreshed
> "bar" and not "baz".  If that is the case, then would it mean that
> the series broke "git add --refresh bar" in such a way that it
> refreshes something other than what it was told to refresh?
> In any case, having to change this test in any way smells like there
> is some breakage in the series; it is not immediately obvious to me
> that the current test is checking anything wrong as I suspected in
> the earlier message.
> So,... I dunno.
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