Thomas Gummerer <> writes:

> On 08/09, Junio C Hamano wrote:
>> Thomas Gummerer <> writes:
>> > Make git read the resolve-undo data from the index.
>> >
>> > Since the resolve-undo data is joined with the conflicts in
>> > the ondisk format of the index file version 5, conflicts and
>> > resolved data is read at the same time, and the resolve-undo
>> > data is then converted to the in-memory format.
>> This, and the next one, are both about reading extension data from
>> the v2 formatted index, no?
> Yes, exactly.
>> Again, mild NAK.
>> I think it is a lot more logical for the v5 code to read data stored
>> in the resolve-undo and cache-tree extensions using the public API
>> just like other users of these data do, and write out whatever in a
>> way that is specific to the v5 index format.
>> If the v5 codepath needs some information that is not exposed to
>> other users of istate->resolve_undo and istate->cache_tree, then the
>> story is different, but I do not think that is the case.
> Sorry it's not clear to me what you mean with using the public API here.
> Do you mean using resolve_undo_write() and resolve_undo_read()?

The code that reads from istate->resolve_undo is fine to do the v5
specific conversion, but it does not belong to resolve-undo.c file
which is about the resolve-undo extension.  Moving it to v5 specific
file you added for this topic, read-cache-v5.c, and everything looks
more logical.  When we taught ls-files to show the paths with
resolve-undo data, we didn't add any function to resolve-undo.c that
does ls-files's work for it.  Instead, ls-files just uses the public
API (the data structure you find at the_index.resolve_undo is part
of the API) to find what it needs to learn, and I think v5 code can
do the same.

"then the story is different" comment refers to a possibilty that
v5 code might need something more than callers outside resolve-undo.c
can find from its public interface, but I do not think it is the
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