The users I am referring to generally have a --- line, rather than a scissor, 
between the cover text and commit.  Also, there is (almost) always a From: line 
and subject at the top of the patch proper.

Junio C Hamano <> wrote:

>Jeff King <> writes:
>> If I understand your issue, somebody is writing:
>>     From: them
>>     To: you
>>     Date: ...
>>     Subject: [PATCH] subject line
>>     commit message body
>>     ....
>>     some cover letter material that should go below the "---"
>>     ---
>>       [diffstat + diff]
>> How do you know when the commit message body ends, and the cover
>> begins? We already have two machine-readable formats for separating
>> two ("---" after the commit message, and "-- >8 --" scissors before).
>> there some machine-readable hint? Is it always the paragraph before
>> "---"? Chopping that off unconditionally seems like a dangerous
>> heuristic.
>Or it could be like this:
>    ...
>    Subject: [PATCH] patch title
>    Heya,
>    I was walking my dog when I found a solution to this
>    problem the other day.  Here it is.
>    commit message body
>    S-o-b: ...
>    ---
>And I agree that clever heuristics are dangerous.  We need to draw a
>line somewhere anyway, and the line should be at the place that is
>easily understandable to people.  That means mechanically parseable
>and easy to follow convention to use markers e.g. "---".

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