Patrick Renaud <> writes:

> I am not sure to understand why having two physically disconnected
> events, in time and in place. Personally I'd rather see one event,
> maybe longer than the previous occurrences to accommodate for the user
> and developer centric topics.

I think a separate event at a venue on different continent was
proposed primarily to avoid "annual GitTogether always at Mountain
View" that has been unfriendly to our European friends (mitigated
somewhat by having it immediately after GSoC mentor summit).  I
agree it may be a better solution to that issue to move the two
things to the same venue that moves from year to year.

The kernel folks have the (by invitation only) Kernel Summit
immediately before the wider end user conference at the same place,
which used to be always Ottawa but the venue moves around from year
to year these days.  That is something we could learn from them.

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