I would like to use git svn to clone an svn repo with a non-standard
branches layout roughly like this:

That is, every directory under branches is a branch except bdir, and
every directory under bdir is a branch.

One thing I have attempted is this:
   git svn clone \
                      --trunk=trunk \
                      --branches=branches/bdir \
                      --branches=branches \
                      --tags=tags \
                      --prefix=svn/ $SVN_REPO \

That properly creates the remote tracking branches b1,b2,b3,b4 but
also creates the remote tracking branch bdir, which I am trying to
exclude.  If I were to settle for this, the bdir branch would have
enormous trees committed to it (when I ran against the real svn repo I
am targetting).

I get can exactly the branch mapping I want by editing .git/config like this:
[svn-remote "svn"]
        url = file:///home/chris/programs/svn/repo
        fetch = trunk:refs/remotes/svn/trunk
        tags = tags/*:refs/remotes/svn/tags/*
        branches = branches/{b1,b2}:refs/remotes/svn/*
        branches = branches/bdir/{b3,b4}:refs/remotes/svn/*

but then I would have to manually add branches before every git svn
fetch, or risk not importing new branches that other developers have
created since I last fetched.

Chris Marshall

p.s.  Here is the bash script I am using to experiment with this type
of svn layout.  It creates a svn repo with the structure described
above, then applies my second (non-wildcard) solution.  The "bash"
line right before the cleanup lines at the end is to allow you to look
around before everything disappears.

# file_summary: svn non-standard layout.  this works, and excludes
bdir, but by not using wild cards it requires that branches be
added manually before a fetch.

export SVN_EDITOR=vi
export URL=file://$(pwd)/repo

svnadmin create repo

# create top level directories.
svn checkout $URL proj
cd proj
svn mkdir branches tags trunk
svn commit -m "created top level dirs"
svn mkdir branches/bdir
svn commit -m "created non-standard branches dir"
cd $CWD

# trunk
svn checkout ${URL}/trunk proj-t
cd proj-t
echo -e "1\n2\n3" > f1
svn add f1
svn commit -m "added f1: 1,2,3"
cd $CWD

# create branches b1,b2,b3,b4
svn copy ${URL}/trunk ${URL}/branches/b1 -m "created branch b1"
svn copy ${URL}/trunk ${URL}/branches/b2 -m "created branch b2"
svn copy ${URL}/trunk ${URL}/branches/bdir/b3 -m "created branch b3"
svn copy ${URL}/trunk ${URL}/branches/bdir/b4 -m "created branch b4"
cd $CWD

# create a b1 commit
svn checkout ${URL}/branches/b1 proj-b1
cd proj-b1
echo -e "b1" >> f1; svn commit -m "b1 line"
cd $CWD

# create a b2 commit
svn checkout ${URL}/branches/b2 proj-b2
cd proj-b2
echo -e "b2" >> f1; svn commit -m "b2 line"
cd $CWD

# create a b3 commit
svn checkout ${URL}/branches/bdir/b3 proj-b3
cd proj-b3
echo -e "b3" >> f1; svn commit -m "b3 line"
cd $CWD

# create a b4 commit
svn checkout ${URL}/branches/bdir/b4 proj-b4
cd proj-b4
echo -e "b4" >> f1; svn commit -m "b4 line"
cd $CWD

git svn clone --trunk=trunk --branches=branches --tags=tags
--prefix=svn/ $URL -r 1:1 git.svn
cd git.svn
grep -v branches .git/config > .git/config2
mv .git/config2 .git/config
echo "branches = branches/{b1,b2}:refs/remotes/svn/*" >> .git/config
echo "branches = branches/bdir/{b3,b4}:refs/remotes/svn/*" >> .git/config
rm .git/svn/.metadata
git svn fetch

cd $CWD
rm -rf repo proj proj-{t,b{1,2,3,4}} git.svn
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