Martin von Zweigbergk <> writes:

> By the way, I can see the usefulness of --reverse when giving a range,
> but I think it's a little confusing when not giving a range.

"git rev-list --reverse --root v1.0.0" is a way to say "give me a
list of commits to be replayed in sequence" without having a bottom,

Ah, you mean when we do _not_ walk.

Yeah, that is why I said that when we do not walk, we should not
even call into prepare_revision_walk() in the first place in my
earlier message.  We should take the commits as given from the
revs->pending.objects list instead.

With your "no_walk = NO_WALK_UNSORTED", calling prepare_revision_walk()
would amont to the same thing, as you would not sort the commits and
use them as given by the user.

> So "git cherry-pick A B" will apply B first, then A.

I am confused a bit.  Are you describing a buggy behaviour in the
current codebase, or are you saying we should fix it to behave that
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