Version 3 of this series adds the 'bidi-import' capability, as suggested
Diff details are attached to the patches.
04 and 05 are completely new.

[PATCH/RFC v3 01/16] Implement a remote helper for svn in C.
[PATCH/RFC v3 02/16] Integrate remote-svn into svn-fe/Makefile.
[PATCH/RFC v3 03/16] Add svndump_init_fd to allow reading dumps from
[PATCH/RFC v3 04/16] Connect fast-import to the remote-helper via
[PATCH/RFC v3 05/16] Add documentation for the 'bidi-import'
[PATCH/RFC v3 06/16] remote-svn, vcs-svn: Enable fetching to private
[PATCH/RFC v3 07/16] Add a symlink 'git-remote-svn' in base dir.
[PATCH/RFC v3 08/16] Allow reading svn dumps from files via file://
[PATCH/RFC v3 09/16] vcs-svn: add fast_export_note to create notes
[PATCH/RFC v3 10/16] Create a note for every imported commit
[PATCH/RFC v3 11/16] When debug==1, start fast-import with "--stats"
[PATCH/RFC v3 12/16] remote-svn: add incremental import.
[PATCH/RFC v3 13/16] Add a svnrdump-simulator replaying a dump file
[PATCH/RFC v3 14/16] transport-helper: add import|export-marks to
[PATCH/RFC v3 15/16] remote-svn: add marks-file regeneration.
[PATCH/RFC v3 16/16] Add a test script for remote-svn.
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