On 14 August 2012 13:12, Thomas Rast <tr...@student.ethz.ch> wrote:
> Hilco Wijbenga <hilco.wijbe...@gmail.com> writes:
>> On 14 August 2012 10:19, Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> wrote:
>>> Hilco Wijbenga <hilco.wijbe...@gmail.com> writes:
>>>> On 14 August 2012 01:27, Thomas Rast <tr...@student.ethz.ch> wrote:
>>>>> [git pull with two args] it's ok if you use it with an URL instead
>>>>> of a remote nickname
>>>> Why would that be okay? What is the difference? Isn't the nickname
>>>> just an alias for a URL?
>>> As long as you tell what refspecs to use on the command line, the
>>> remote nickname behaves as "just an alias for a URL", so yes,
>>> because Thomas is discussing "two-arg pull or fetch", one arg being
>>> either nickname or URL and the other is an explicit refspec on the
>>> command line, it would be okay because there is no difference in
>>> that case.
>> I suppose I'm not entirely clear on how this two step process is
>> "safer". Doing "git fetch" would seem to be harmless, right? So the
>> problem is with "git merge" but master should always be "behind"
>> origin/master so that "git merge" should just FF to origin/master
>> which *should* be completely safe. Does that make sense? Especially
>> given our use of master as an integration branch?
>> [Given the trouble I have with getting people to use Git properly, I
>> prefer things as simple as possible. :-) ]
> I meant something else than Junio hinted at.  Saying
>   git fetch origin master
>   # or by extension
>   git pull origin master
> does not update the origin/* namespace, not even origin/master.  All
> fetching happens only into FETCH_HEAD.  This leads to confusion such as
> yours because origin/master and thus the upstream tracking displays will
> not know about the change.

I'll say. Now I'm really confused.

If what you say is true then what is updating origin/master? I've been
using "git pull" daily for over a year and origin/master is definitely
getting updated (at least according to gitk).

Mmm, just to make sure we are all talking about the same
origin/master: I mean my local reference to the SHA1 of the commit
that is master's HEAD on origin. After I have run "git pull",  *my*
master and *my* origin/master point to the same commit. Or I'm
*really* confused. Or I've confused you by using incorrect
terminology. :-) Or by using the right terminology incorrectly. ;-)
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