On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 5:13 AM, Florian Achleitner
<florian.achleitner.2.6...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi.
> Version 3 of this series adds the 'bidi-import' capability, as suggested
> Jonathan.
> Diff details are attached to the patches.
> 04 and 05 are completely new.
> [PATCH/RFC v3 01/16] Implement a remote helper for svn in C.
> [PATCH/RFC v3 02/16] Integrate remote-svn into svn-fe/Makefile.
> [PATCH/RFC v3 03/16] Add svndump_init_fd to allow reading dumps from
> [PATCH/RFC v3 04/16] Connect fast-import to the remote-helper via
> [PATCH/RFC v3 05/16] Add documentation for the 'bidi-import'
> [PATCH/RFC v3 06/16] remote-svn, vcs-svn: Enable fetching to private
> [PATCH/RFC v3 07/16] Add a symlink 'git-remote-svn' in base dir.
> [PATCH/RFC v3 08/16] Allow reading svn dumps from files via file://
> [PATCH/RFC v3 09/16] vcs-svn: add fast_export_note to create notes
> [PATCH/RFC v3 10/16] Create a note for every imported commit
> [PATCH/RFC v3 11/16] When debug==1, start fast-import with "--stats"
> [PATCH/RFC v3 12/16] remote-svn: add incremental import.
> [PATCH/RFC v3 13/16] Add a svnrdump-simulator replaying a dump file
> [PATCH/RFC v3 14/16] transport-helper: add import|export-marks to
> [PATCH/RFC v3 15/16] remote-svn: add marks-file regeneration.
> [PATCH/RFC v3 16/16] Add a test script for remote-svn.

Thank you Florian, this series was a great read. My apologies for the
limited interaction over the course of summer. You have done well and
engaged with the community to produce this result.

Thank you Jonathan for the persistent reviews. No doubt they have
contributed to the quality of the series.

Thank you Junio for your dedication to reviewing the traffic on this
mailing list.

I will no longer be reachable on this address after Friday.

I hope to make future contributions with the identity:
David Michael Barr <b...@rr-dav.id.au>
This will be my persistent address.

David Barr
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