we have recently upgraded our Ubuntu server to 12.04, which comes with a newer 
version of GIT. However, we have noticed that git archive -remote does not work 
anymore by specifying the SHA sum of a commit.

By seaching the mailing list I have found out that this was already discussed 
before (http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git/191815). In our 
company we use the git archive -remote command for a similar purpose in our 
build system and we must currently stick with an older version of GIT until 
there is a solution for this.

I have read that this restriction was made for some kind of security reason, 
and one possibility would be to add a config option on the server repo to turn 
off this safety check. As we manage the git repos ourselves, this would be 
perfectly ok for us.

What is the current status of this - is there already such a config option?

Manfred Rudigier
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