On 16/08/12 16:43, Junio C Hamano wrote:
Luke Diamand<l...@diamand.org>  writes:

If I do "git rebase --skip", is there a way to find out the commit SHA
that was skipped (other than just parsing the output of the command) ?

There currently isn't, and I do not think it is doable in general
when the command ever gives control back to the user to futz with
the history, expecting the user only to fix up the conflict and make
a single commit (in which case you would want to say "that old
commit was replayed as this commit with different patch id) or say
"rebase --skip" (in which case you could record "that old commit was
manually skipped), but the user can do other things like resetting
the head to lose commits that have been rebased already, adding new
commits manually before continuing, etc., all of which will be done
outside of your control.

All I need is to be able to get the commit *immediately* after the failed 'git rebase'. It looks like .git/ORIG_HEAD has exactly what I need.


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