Alexey Muranov <> writes:

> 2. I think that allowing both "next" and "next/foo" complicates
> the mapping from branch names to file paths, and it does not seem
> necessary if dead reflogs are moved away to "graveyard" anyway.

It is unclear why the first two lines above leads to the conclusion
"it does not seem necessary" (but honestly, I do not particularly

> 3. There remains the question what to do with dead reflogs for
> different branches having the same name.  Maybe, keep the death
> date and time under the graveyard directory and not allow the user
> to delete 2 times in less than 1 second?
> /logs/graveyard/yyyy-mm-dd-hhmmss/refs/heads/next/foo

How would that help us in what way?

When I ask "git log -g next/foo" for the "next/foo" branch that
currently exists, I want to see the update history of its tip since
I created it for the last time, and then an entry that says I
created it at such and such time.  If I used to have the branch
before but deleted, then the output should be followed by another
entry that says I deleted it at such and such time, followed by the
history of the tip updates.
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