On Monday 20 August 2012 09:45:30 Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Florian Achleitner wrote:
> > Currently, the mark number is equal to the svn revision number the commit
> > corresponds to. I didn't want to break that, but not mandatory. We could
> > also split the mark namespace by reserving one or more of the most
> > significant bits as a type specifier.
> > I'll develop a marks-based version ..
> Have we already exhausted possibilities that don't involve changing
> vcs-svn/ code quite so much?  One possibility mentioned before was to
> post-process the stream that svn-fe produces, which seemed appealing
> from a debuggability point of view.

Do you mean like another program in the pipe, that translates the fast-import 
stream produced by svn-fe into another fast-import stream?
svnrdump | svn-fe | svnbranchdetect | git-fast-import ?

My two previous ideas were meant like this:
1. Import everything into git and detect branches on the stuff in git, or
2. detect branches as it imports.

Both require to create commits for their work. So the idea behind these 
patches is to split the creation of commits from the creation of data. So that 
the data can be sent immediatly as it is coming in from svnrdump, and 
therefore save memory by not buffering it. 

And create the commits later. Either all linear and splitting it into branches 
later which requires creating commits but not data, or creating branched 
commits immediatly. This requires to inspect all  node data before starting a 

Anyways it's just an idea..

> Curious,
> Jonathan

Hope that helps,
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