wrote on Mon, 20 Aug 2012 00:00 -0700:
> * pw/p4-submit-conflicts (2012-08-16) 12 commits
>  - git p4: add submit --prepare-p4-only option
>  - git p4: add submit --dry-run option
>  - git p4: accept -v for --verbose
>  - git p4: revert deleted files after submit cancel
>  - git p4: rearrange submit template construction
>  - git p4: test clean-up after failed submit, fix added files
>  - git p4: standardize submit cancel due to unchanged template
>  - git p4: move conflict prompt into run, use [c]ontinue and [q]uit
>  - git p4: remove submit failure options [a]pply and [w]rite
>  - git p4: gracefully fail if some commits could not be applied
>  - git p4 test: use p4d -L option to suppress log messages
>  - git p4 test: remove bash-ism of combined export/assignment
> I saw Pete and Luke going back and forth collaborating, so I take
> that this may still be rerolled---if not, please holler.

Yes, expect a reroll; this isn't ready to go as-is.  We'll
continue the back and forth.

> * pw/p4-use-client-spec-branch-detection (2012-08-11) 5 commits
>  - git p4: make branch detection work with --use-client-spec
>  - git p4: do wildcard decoding in stripRepoPath
>  - git p4: set self.branchPrefixes in initialization
>  - git p4 test: add broken --use-client-spec --detect-branches tests
>  - git p4 test: move client_view() function to library

I've got a

    Tested-by: Matthew Korich <>

to add in the top-most commit "make branch detection work...".
Should I send a whole reroll, just one patch, or simply a note
like this?  In general, for next time, please.


                -- Pete
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