Jundong Xue <tomxue0...@gmail.com> writes:

> tomxue@ubuntu:~/mycode/life$ git todo
> * d768da9 - (in the future: 3 hours later) Meeting with vendor — Tom
> Xue (HEAD, master)
> * 5fcd556 - (in the future: 12 days later) Take my personal holiday — Tom Xue
> * 9dd280b - (in the future: 11 months later) 端午节 — Tom Xue
> * 4680099 - (in the future: 9 months later) 清明节 — Tom Xue
> * 59d5266 - (in the future: 8 months later) 元宵节 — Tom Xue
> * b5308da - (in the future: 7 months later) 除夕 — Tom Xue
> ...

I was re-reading the backlog and after looking at it again, I do not
think what the patch tries to do is a bad thing.  There are changes
I want to see _how_ it is done, though.

Especially, the duplication of the exact same logic in the future
and in the past is an unmaintainable mess.

I have queued a replacement in 'pu'.
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